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Peculiar Chocolates

Product Design | Packaging Design |Market Research| Brand Development


A chocolate brand created with unique flavor combinations and distinctive packaging, reminiscent of Nineteenth century Victorian aesthetics and woodtype broadsides. Multiple product sku's include: chocolate bars, chocolate spreads, baking mix and chocolate powdered beverage. 

Biba Lips

Graphic Design | Layout Design | Typography 


Young entrepreneur of small cosmetic line asked me to create a brochure for the launching of her first product. Client was looking for a sophisticated look and feel that evoked old world glamour with modern esthetics. 

Patti's Popcorn

Graphic Design | Branding | Logo Design | Typography 


Provided branding and design services for small popcorn brand located in Chicago, IL. Work included rebranding of business identity, logo, packaging, promotional materials, stationary and business cards.

Arkitekture Magazine

Publication Design | Art Direction


A publication designed to highlight the current, innovative trends in architecture and design.   

After Wonderland

Graphic Design | Brand Identity | Illustration| Creative Direction | Copywriting


Jacket designs for children's book series Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Recreated and designed with alternate storyline and a darker twist for mature audiences, ages 13+.

Life after wonderland. Whatever happened to Alice after she fell down that rabbit hole, drank tea with the Mad Hatter or visited the Queen of Hearts? She grew up in Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital where she spent the last ten years. Alice is now Twenty, ten years older and wiser from that little girl who got herself lost in a world that she could only have imagined, or so we think....

Your Trademark Counsel

Graphic Design | Brand Identity | Logo Design| Creative Direction


Client was looking for an updated look and feel to his organization's brand.


I was asked to refresh the look of his existing logo complete with new typography to reflect the organization's more modern and youthful culture. 

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