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After Alice Book Jacket Series

I created a series of  jacket designs for the famous (and one of my favorites) children's book series, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. They were recreated and designed with an alternative storyline and a darker twist for mature audiences, ages 15+. Below is a brief excerpt of the main plot:

"Life after wonderland. Whatever happened to Alice after she fell down that rabbit hole, drank tea with the Mad Hatter or visited the Queen of Hearts? She grew up in Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital where she spent the last Ten years. Alice is now Twenty, ten years older and wiser from that little girl who lost herself in a world that she could only have imagined, or so we think...

Client / 

Self Directed

Role /

Graphic Design | Branding,

Illustration | Art Direction,


Goals /

TO create interesting and unique book jacket designs for an existing or imagined book series. 

Results /

Creation of alternative story concept for Alice in Wonderland and jacket designs that convey the darker version of this whimsical children's book...for mature readers (15+).

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